Campaign School

What is Campaign School?

Is there a dentist in the House? Well actually there are five, will you be next?


The American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) is pleased to once again co-host the annual Specialty Physician & Dentist Candidate Workshop on political campaigning.


Campaign school will feature sessions on grassroots organizing, political messaging and polling tactics. ADA/ADPAC members who are currently running for office or considering running for office – at any level – should strongly consider attending this intensive workshop.


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2017 Campaign School Dentist attendes

Fundraising 101

Like it or not, money is in politics and without raising money, you cannot win. Learn how to raise dollars and how much of your own time and energy you need to commit to raising money for your campaign.

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How to Develop a Message

Every campaign needs a message which is simple, direct and easy to understand.  You must give voters a reason to vote FOR you.

Grassroots, Field, and GOTV

How to build your campaign organization and your grassroots campaign. From soup to nuts, you’ll learn who should be paid, who shouldn’t, how to get folks to flock to your cause and how to fashion a successful grassroots campaign and get out the vote.

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Your State Elections

You want to make a lasting impact on the dental profession? Run for something! Each state has its own rules, timelines, and requirements for candidates for elected office.

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