Action for Dental Health

Background on Action for Dental Health

All Americans deserve good dental health. The causes of the dental health crisis are varied and complex. But we know that for each of us – and for the nation as a whole – it’s never too late to get on top of our dental health. Action for Dental Health aims to prevent dental disease before it starts and reduce the proportion of adults and children with untreated dental disease. Our goal is to help all Americans attain their best oral health.

Mother brushing a childs teeth

Action for Dental Health in Congress

H.R. 2422 and its Senate companion bill S. 3016,  will allow organizations to qualify for oral health grants to support activities that improve oral health education and dental disease prevention and develop and expand outreach programs that facilitate establishing dental homes for children and adults, including the elderly, blind and disabled.

What Can You Do About it?

The American Dental Association (ADA) is advocating that Congress pass S. 3016, Action for Dental Health Act, to expand access to dental care in underserved, rural and Native American communities. Use the link provided below to reach out to your legislators now; Write, Call, Tweet your elected officials so they know where you stand on the issues.

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