A Medicare Dental Benefit That Works

Take Action as Congress Considers a Medicare Dental Benefit

In August, the U.S. Congress advanced a budget resolution, which included a provision to expand the Medicare program to include dental, vision and hearing benefits. This final budget resolution vote now paves the way for the Congressional budget reconciliation process to begin that will include specific bill language establishing a Medicare dental benefit included in Part B of the Medicare program.

Time is of the essence. It is the House and Senate Democratic leadership’s intent to pass a budget reconciliation bill with dental benefit language by the end of September.

Congress is currently working on how to expand the Medicare program. Now is the time for you to contact your members of Congress with this message of if they’re to add dental benefits to Medicare they should create a new Part of Medicare that will work better for dentists and their patients instead of adding dental benefits to Part B of Medicare.

Now is the time for Congress to hear from dentists on how to design a new dental benefit in Medicare and how it could best work for dentists and low-income seniors. Take action today!

Take Action Today!

This action has expired to take action to tell Congress No on a Medicare Part B Dental Benefit Take action here