Support Student Loan Reform


The ADA and ASDA are asking you to urge your members of Congress to take action today to support the following bills:


H.R. 2160, the Student Loan Refinancing Act
(Rep. Mark Pocan, D-WI)


  • Allows borrowers to refinance their federal Direct Loans, Direct PLUS Loans and Direct Consolidation Loans when interest rates are lower.
  • Ensures the refinanced rates are fixed to protect borrowers from interest rate hikes when economic conditions are less favorable.


H.R. 4122/S. 3658 the Resident Education Deferred Interest Act (REDI Act)
(Rep. Brian Babin, R-TX/Senator Jacky Rosen, D-NV)


  • Allows medical and dental residents to automatically defer payments on their federal student loans until after their medical or dental residency is completed.
  • Suspends the accrual of interest on federal student loans during the residency period.


As you know, graduate student debt has been rising for decades and has risen to the point that today new dentists are starting their careers owing an average of nearly $305,000 in educational debt.


One way to mitigate the unprecedented financial challenges that new dentists face at graduation is to pass legislation that would lower the interest rates and improve the borrowing terms on federal student loans. These bills will not solve the student debt crisis, but they will help offset the unprecedented financial challenges that these essential health care providers face at graduation.


Urge your members of Congress to take action today to support their dentist and dental student constituents with the financial burden of their federal student loans.

Take Action Today!