Issue Alert: Working to Keep Key Provisions in the Senate CARES Act

Today marks a critical day in the Senate as they begin to determine what provisions will be in the final version of the CARES Act, the 3rd Legislative Package that Congress will pass to address the effects of the coronavirus. As was highlighted in the issue alert you received yesterday, there are a number of provisions in the draft Senate bill that we believe will benefit dentists and dental practices.  


The Grassroots Action Alert that we are asking you to respond to today, is focused on those provisions that are of particular importance to dental practices as small businesses.  It is our expectation that many other provisions of benefit will be in the final bill, but we want to make sure that these critical provisions are in the version that is signed into law. 


You should know that Members of Congress in the House and Senate — Republicans and Democrats alike — understand that this bill is critical for small businesses, particularly dentists and dental practices.  They know this because Congress has received over 200,000 emails from over 72,000 dentists. By Washington standards, these are extraordinary numbers! We need to repeat this achievement once more.


Please click on the link and let your Members of Congress know how important these provisions are for your dental practice and other small businesses across the country.


Thank you for what you are doing for your practice, your patients and dentistry! 

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